When Destiny’s Smiling, The Complete World Cums With Her

When Destiny's Smiling, The Complete World Cums With Her

“I used to think I liked bad guys, but I have come to the realization that I adore nice boys who have a freaky side,” said Destiny Williams, a 45-year-old first-timer from what that babe calls “Lower, Slower Delaware” (this babe was born out side Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). “I crave a boy who desires to tie me up, who loves it rough and who is confident with his sexuality and definitely somebody who is not the jealous, masterful sort.”

Hey, do not worry about the pressure of living up to Destiny’s expectations, MILFTugs.com members.

“Jack and cum to me and I’ll be glad,” Destiny said.

Destiny is married. She’s a Mommy. She’s one of the friendliest, happiest ladies we have ever met. You’ll notice that this babe smiles a lot. This babe smiles when she’s showing her mambos. This babe smiles when she is showing her pink fur pie. She smiles when she’s jacking wang. If it were possible to smile and engulf dick at the same time, she would. That babe definitely smiles when there’s cum on her face. No wonder her prefered clip is It’s A Good Life. She says majority people this babe knows would be shocked to see her here.

“This is the opposite of the kind of person almost all people think I am,” this babe said. “But a hardly any know the real me and would not be surprised at all.”

The real Destiny is a nudist who recently had her first swinging experience. She’s into flogging, biting, coarse sex and hair pulling. Her erotic dream is “to be exposed and blindfolded and led into a room where there is an unknown number of lads who all use me and copulate me.” What satisfies her best?

“Face down, ass up,” this babe said. “I adore ace fuck.”

And anything else about sex. Have any doubts about that? Just inspect the smile on her charming face.

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