Tina Lee: Slippery When Sopping Juicy

Tina Lee: Slippery When Sopping Wet

“I urge to swim with the whales in Australia and I wanna try horseback riding ‘coz I truly adore to feel big force betwixt my legs,” Tina Lee said about her dream list. Hopefully Tina will get her wants. As for us, we urge to see Tina one more time.

The former wine taster and present adult model keeps busy turning heads in Paris. “Men will say comments to me like, ‘You look love my next girlfriend’ but I appreciate more action than words. I can not say that I’m passive but I love most of all to meet assured studs.”

We saw Tina in a store looking for recent outfits in a clip shot while this babe was in Prague. That babe was quite an eyeful. “I don’t need to wear revealing clothes. There is no hiding my body and how bigger than typical my funbags are. It is truly not so facile a job for me to identify good hot clothing that fit my top and don’t look adore a tent. I have fun shopping so I will spend as much time as I urge looking for the right hot outfit.”

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