Tiggle and a Jiggle

Tiggle and a Jiggle

“Being a adult model tops everything I’ve ever done,” Tiggle Bitties said. I remember the day this babe 1st strolled into the building. There was a buzz in the air.

Tiggle spoken about the influences that took her from webcamming to being a covergirl for Voluptuous mag.

“My Mamma was sort of an exhibitionist and I grew up in sort of a nudist household, so I not at any time worried about my body. I got teased a little when I was a kid, but I’m actually comfortable. Why hide it? So I got into modeling through camming.”

I was not surprised that Tiggle was encouraged by a fan to inspect SCORELAND. Lots of models have come our way ‘cuz of fans, boyfriends and even husbands. My prefered story is about a angel who was encouraged to model for Voluptuous by her male ally. What made this different was that his dad originally made the suggestion to him and the son passed the idea over to the girl.

“One of my fans said me about u,” Tiggle said. “I loved that you’re all about natural funbags, which is so thrilling because not much porn is all about bigger in size than run of the mill, natural titties with stretch marks and veins and all that sweet stuff, so all that impressed me.”

It is rare to hear a adult model talk about being fondled. Tiggle did, but this babe was not angry and upset about it.

“I’ve been groped a lot. More by gay chaps than by str8 studs. With a lot of homo studs, it is not even a thought. They’ll go, ‘Oh my god!’ and seize ’em. It is adore an impulse. ‘Boobs! That is astonishing!’ I don’t mind much. As long as people aren’t gross, and homosexual males aren’t gross about it, and if you are celebrating my mangos and groping me, that is wondrous!”

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