The Working Man’s Ultimate Fantasy

 The Working Man's Ultimate Fantasy

This is the dream of every electrician, plumber, air-conditioner repairman and literally every service technician who visits customers at home. Dellon, aka Mr. Electric ,is the lucky electrician who’s called to the home of sex bomb Sandra Star to repair a light fixture. In real life, home technicians get the fat slob housewife in a housecoat, not the leggy, busty girl who looks like a living Otis Sweat painting. But this is not reality.

How many electricians does it take to screw in a light bulb? Don’t ask me. I know it takes one electrician to screw a slim, blonde German with huge tits.

Sandra is on the phone when Dellon arrives, and she acts like she could not care less about him. She changes her attitude when she eyes the beefy tech and decides she can use a hard dick to keep her busy. Sparks fly and Dellon is shocked by Sandra wanting hard cock while he’s on the clock. His next job can wait, so they can get into very high-voltage sex. No man in his right mind would pass on the offer to fuck Sandra.

“One of my most favorite things is to swallow cum,” said Sandra, winner of the Miss Hot SCORE contest conducted by Hot SCORE magazine, the German version of SCORE. The winner was chosen by porn star Annina. “I swallow every drop and I really love doing it. I make sure a man is fully drained when we are finished.”

Sandra definitely drained Dellon’s batteries.

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