The Secret To Looking Good Over-60: Facials!

The Secret To Looking Good Over-60: Facials!

This is the debut of Rita Daniels, a 61-year-old sexpot who’s one of the most popular MILFs ever at When this scene opens, Rita is scolding her stud for asking her how old she is.

“I’m over 60, let’s put it that way,” Rita says, then she reveals the secret to her looking so good: She gets facials three times a week. The problem is, her facial guy is out of town.

“So, Albie, are you going to give me that hot, creamy load of cum?” she asks her stud.

Of course he is. Why would he say no?

Rita takes down her top. She has big tits that are pouring out of a lavendar bra. She’s wearing crotchless panties. She stands up and spreads her cunt and rubs her clit then lies back and plays with herself some more.

“I can’t wait to have your cock in my mouth,” Rita says as she rubs her clit and pinches her hard nipples. Rita is the kind of woman who proves it’s possible to be slutty and classy at the same time.

“Would you fuck my titties?” Rita asks, then she turns around and rubs her asshole.

That’s the slutty part, not the classy part.

Then she takes out Albie’s cock. She takes it into her mouth and roots it. This is no problem at all for a classy slut like Rita. She maintains eye-contact with the camera at all times. She gets the cock good and wet. She tit-fucks it. She spreads her ass. Then she goes back to the blow job. And, finally, she gets the facial she needed. Cum is dripping out of her nose. We didn’t think that was part of a traditional facial, but what do we know? Cum dripping out of a woman’s nose…is that classy or slutty?

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