The Hawt Sex Life Of An XLGirl Wife

The Hawt Sex Life Of An XLGirl Wife

The look of fun on enchanting Katrin Porto‘s face is good when Max wraps her large, velvety boobs around his ramrod, pumps away and pops his balls like a geyser. Katrin bends her head forward to suck, take up with the tongue and drink the cum.

But we’re getting ahead of this XL Girls video.

It began when Katrin and Max went to a unisex spa. “I adore to go to the spa and chill out, relax, relax,” said Katrin. So this display is set at a spa. Katrin oiled her billibongs whilst Max was in the sauna. When he joined Katrin, she wanted to greasy oil him, too. One thing led to another: nipple-sucking; cock-sucking, tit-fucking and pussy-fucking. Katrin is one extremely concupiscent female and loves to be appreciated by stiff chaps.

“It make me feel hot when a ladies man brandishes me his gallantry and attentiveness. I adore the attention and interest that I see in men’s eyes. I guess it’s about my eyes, agreeable smile, red hair, bigger than average, natural melons, my 51 inches of palatable butt and my courage, sensuality, charisma.”

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