The girlfriend experience

The girlfriend experience

In this scene, we get to fantasize about what it might be like to be Summer Sinn‘s boyfriend. That’s not a far-fetched fantasy because even though Summer is super-stacked and one of the greatest SCORE Girls ever, she’s very down-to-earth, not stuck-up at all. Summer is from Boston, Massachusetts, and I can easily imagine her walking around the city on a summer day wearing a little tank top, a skirt and probably reasonable heels, doing some shopping, enjoying lunch, attracting stares everywhere she goes but being oblivious to it.

“I was kinda shy growing up and kinda quiet and I really didn’t do much, so I think the people I knew when I was growing up would’ve been shocked if they knew I’d one day be doing this,” she said, “this” meaning sucking and fucking on-camera. “But they’re not shocked because I still know most of those people and they know what I’m doing. But if I’d looked ahead then, I wouldn’t have imagined that I’d be doing this.”

Summer considers herself sexually passive. She waits for the guy to take the initiative in bed, although in this scene, she takes control. The guy does all the things any tit-man would want to do with Summer, sucking her nipples and fucking her tits before she gives him a wet, lusty blow job. Then they fuck. Of course, he cums on her tits.

SCORELAND: When you’re tit-fucking, whose idea is it, yours or the guy’s?

Summer: Mine. He’ll be licking and sucking my boobs, and I’ll just say to him, “Fuck them!”

SCORELAND: Now, let’s say you were out for a walk down, say, Commonwealth Avenue. That’s a main street in Boston, right?

Summer: The main street.

SCORELAND: If we were to see you walking down Commonwealth Avenue in July, what would you be wearing?

Summer: A tube top. And I’d get a lot of stares. Some yelling but mostly stares. When I walk down the street in a tube top, people talk. They mostly whisper, but I don’t pay attention.

SCORELAND: Do you like being the center of attention?

Summer: Sure! I wouldn’t have gotten these if I didn’t like attention.

SCORELAND: But there’s such a thing as too much attention, isn’t there?

Summer: Sometimes. When I don’t want attention, I’ll wear baggy shirts, but I’ll still get attention. There’s no hiding my boobs!

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