Talia Amanda Breaks In A Fresh Bra

Talia Amanda Breaks In A New Bra

Pretty-girl Talia Amanda is a amazing natural who’s flawless for SCORELAND.

In this scene, Talia tries on bras and tops, measures her sexy body and jiggles, bounces and shakes her bigger in size than standard scones. This babe chooses a couple of briefs that display more skin than it covers.

Talia began nude modeling just 2 months in advance of this scene was filmed. A friend suggested she contact SCORELAND. Talia enjoys posing. “I love to look pretty and I adore the attention. I one time wanted to be an electrical engineer,” said Talia. (That babe chats with one of the photographers in a separate Bonus video.)

Talia has a fine smile, bewitching voice and affable personality that’s as magnetic as her looks and attractive body. She doesn’t know any of the girls at SCORELAND and there is no other model that babe can say is an inspiration to her. On the other hand, we find Talia highly inspirational.

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