Take A Bow, Veronica

Take A Bend, Veronica

“Getting bare on-camera is the most-fun job I’ve ever had,” told Kentuckian Veronica Bend. “However, if we are talking vanilla jobs, I did enjoy working at the library.”

Try to imagine Veronica working as a librarian, wearing a mini-skirt and taut, low-cut top. It would be the quietest library in the United States. Everyone would be speechless. Veronica would not receive to shush anyone. She could just silence a noisy lad by burying his face in her milk sacks.

Veronica busted out juvenile. “I was definitely the big-breasted angel in my neighborhood growing up. My titties came in very early.”

Veronica can really suck on her areolas. This babe mashes and claps her titanic, pliable bumpers truly subrigid. Our cameraman acquires some slow motion tit-swinging during her wild tit-play.

Veronica is a member of Generation web camera and Twitter. Whilst she was here, this babe did hardcore so she’s wrapped her 38H-cup funbags around some porn rods. “Deep penetration satisfies me topmost. When I masturbate, I like to use my thick, dark sex-toy.”

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