Horny Schoolgirl

Slutty Schoolgirl

Do u always wear underclothes, Megan?
“Yes, glamorous much always. If I don’t, my clitoris will rub on my jeans and I’ll get all sexy and bothered. If I get too turned on, I’ll acquire a king-size juicy spot on my jeans, and with out any knickers on to soak it up it would totally leave a moist spot.”

When you are out in public, how do u costume?
“Slutty! I usually wear a constricted crop without a beneath garment so you can see my hard nipps throughout my shirt. And I wear tiny denim shorts so the bottom of my ass hangs out the bottom.”

How do u feel now that you are shooting porn?
“Great! Porn has opened my eyes to so many things, love my carnal attraction to beauties. Now I love hooking up with angels.”

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