Sigal Acon: Bubbles & Big Bikini Boobs

Sigal Acon: Bubbles & Big Bikini Boobs

Sigal Acon puts the show in shower. The gorgeous Russian is a webcam girl we’ve photographed in Europe and Miami. Slim and stacked with large, natural breasts, Sigal is a charmer with a smile that lights up the room. Our photographers say she is a pleasure to work with. Webcam modeling and traditional video and still modeling are totally different. Sigal took to the traditional way like she had been doing it for years.

“I’m a very simple person,” said Sigal, whose name is pronounced Siggle, as in jiggle, not Sih-gal. in an interview with Dave. “I mean, maybe I look complicated, but I’m a totally simple girl and still a woman and we don’t want too much. We just want something romantic. Roses. Nice attention. Nice conversations. I like when people are really polite.

“For me, respect is first of all, so during a first date, I like when a guy knows how to talk. It’s all about the person, first of all, and second is what is all around us. Flowers, music, whatever. If you’re comfortable with a person, it doesn’t really matter.”

Every girl looks at her photos and videos differently. Some are more critical than others.

“I’m a perfectionist, and for me, and for any girl, I’m sure of it, when I look at myself in pictures, I don’t say, ‘I’m just perfect.’ No. I look at myself and think, ‘Okay, I have to work a little bit here, a little bit there. This is not bad but this could be better.’ That’s how I look at myself. I’m very self-critical. But when I see someone who’s the same shape as I am, I would say, ‘Wow, she’s gorgeous!’ But with myself, I’m very strict.”

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