Taking turns on Sheri’s arse

Taking turns on Sheri's ass

When this scene spreads, 53-year-old Sheri Fox already has her hands on the guys’ dongs. She’s wearing purple lingerie, and the men love playing with her big pointer sisters, making them jiggle. Sheri loves playing with jock, kneeling betwixt the 2 lads and moving her head back and forth, sucking one then the other, and that babe is a hungry sucker, ain’t she? They fuck her bawdy cleft, then they take turns on her butt, and the best part of this complete thing is when they turn Sheri upside-down for some piledriver ass-drilling and Sheri sucks the other guy’s penis at the same time.

The lads finish the job by shooting their cum all over Sheri’s face, and doesn’t cum look so natural on Sheri?

Sheri and her spouse live in Ocala, Florida. She trains horses. During the time that they were down in South Florida, he took her to Key West for the first time, and they ran smack into the midst of Dream Fest. Did this babe partake?

“No,” Sheri said. “We just viewed.”

Moreover, those Dream Festers could not have outfreaked Sheri. She’d just been double ass-fucked on-camera!

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