Shelby Gibson: The Hawt Life Of A SCORE Wife

Shelby Gibson: The Sexy Life Of A SCORE Wife

“I’ve had a dunky in number people, gentlemen, who have said, ‘Are you in porn? You are also valuable to be true. Are you real?’ And I say, ‘I’m real. I’m standing right here.'”

So told Shelby Gibson, SCORE reader’s WILF and fantasy SCORE domina to many worshipers of sexy, mature pantoons. Her uncommon appearances are peculiar events.

“I’ve gotten some of the nicest comments, some of ’em a little messy, from your readers. It’s been great. I just cant believe it. It is like, ‘Wow, they actually think I am glamourous.’ They observe my vids a million times. They crave me cheerful holidays. It is been a great experience.”

Every SCORE gent should have a wife or girlfriend love Shelby.

“My hubby likes it when I’ve my heels on when this Lothario comes home from work. He can’t live with out it even more when I keep them on for playtime, which sometimes starts right after he walks in! I am available to play anytime this fellow wishes. With out ottoman, I keep the abode clean and cook him his prefered meals. He’s a great provider. We’ve a very fine home and a priceless lifestyle. We must go on some nice-looking vacations. I can now work part-time so hopefully I can come back to SCORE!”

Shelby rated her 1st XXX scene from 1 to 10 (high-reaching).

“Higher than 10! It was astonishing! I had so much enjoyment! Getting professionally made up, being with a real porn smooth operator, and doing it all in front of the camera, knowing that the fans would be watching was without this world! I love to look at JMac’s photos and videos. And now that I have lastly rogered him, I adore watching him even more!”

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