Sex lessons, by Ms. Sheree Delight

Sex lessons, by Ms. Sheree Delight

Teacher, teacher! This day, 51-year-old Sheree Delight–Ms. Delight to Patrick, her student–is trying to get him to pay attention in class. But it turns out that Patrick’s mind is occupied with other things, adore his girlfriend.

“We’re the one and the other very silly,” that charmer tells Ms. Delight.

Sheree tries to get him to talk about his relationship with his girlfriend, but he’s reluctant.

“This is where I can aid you,” Sheree insists. “Come up here and sit next to me.”

Hey, expect a minute…isn’t this supposed to be history class? History of what? Patrick’s 10-Pounder? She asks him about his boner. That babe basically asks him about anything.

Then this babe has him touch her knockers.

“Does this babe have large milk sacks love me?” Sheree says.

And away they go!

You see, this is the kind of hands-on attention from teachers that would truly keep students interested in their studies. They would always come to class–at least the male students would–knowing that if they did not, they might miss a oral-stimulation. They might miss the chance to shag the teacher right on her desk and cum on her face.

The dropout rate? Zero.

Sheree is a divorcee, Mom and grandmother from Huntington Beach, California. This is her 1st scene. It’s a admirable one. Savour. View it carefully. There’ll be a test tomorrow.

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