Selena Adams: It’s Hot In Miami

Selena Adams: It's Hot In Miami

Lovely and talented Selena Adams went to college and eventually worked in human resources, but office work bored her. When Selena lost that job, she became a webcam model while also working in real estate. She is very successful at both.

Selena tries on the new dress she’s going to wear for a South Beach brunch with her girlfriends. It’s tight and shows a lot of cleavage, which is just what she wants. She’ll make her usual eye-catching entrance at the restaurant.

“I love to flaunt what I have,” said Selena. “I love to flaunt my big boobs. I wear shirts with a lot of cleavage. I want all eyes on me.” That she will have when she leaves her apartment. She always has all eyes on her. Selena’s nickname in school was “Big titty girl.” Selena also loves to flaunt and twerk her ass cheeks. Watch her booty bounce in the video. Coming or going, Selena is one of South Florida’s sexiest babes. We love to see girls like her flaunt and tease.

While Selena is waiting for her friends to call and pick her up, she feels the need to cum. Getting into bed, Selena digs behind her pillow, reaching for something to feed that need. It’s shaped like a dick so Selena can suck on it and put it between her big boobs. Taking off her dress and thong underwear, Selena opens her shapely legs wide and pumps her creamy pussy to her satisfaction. Now, it’s time to get dressed again.

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