Sandra Ann is 75. The boy is Twenty seven!

Sandra Ann is 75. The boy is 27!

“Oral sex is the majority pleasuring thing a lady can do for a ladies man, but it likewise pleases me,” says 75-year-old Sandra Ann, our oldest Mom I’D LIKE TO FUCK ever. “I can actually large O giving a man oral job. And I love to gulp.”

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“I’m 75,” Sandra Ann says in the brief interview at the kick off of this video. “I’ll be 76 in July. I adore sex. I adore dudes. Age is just a number.”

Juan, the smooth operator this babe is sucking and screwing in this scene, is Twenty seven, more than young enough to be Sandra Ann’s grandson.

The truth is, there aren’t tons of 75-year-olds love Sandra Ann, but there’s at least one, and we have got her.