Short ‘n’ Stacked Sally’s 1st Time

Short 'n' Stacked Sally's 1st Time

When Sally D’Angelo traipsed into our studio for the 1st time, heads turned. Every boy in the building was staring at this stacked Mamma I’D LIKE TO FUCK who was wearing a constricted top, a short skirt and fuck-me pumps.

Imagine if they knew this babe was not wearing belts.

Sally, who is Fifty eight years aged and turns Fifty nine on March 8, is wearing briefs (if u wanna call ’em that) in this scene, her first-ever dalliance on-camera. Those belts are truly pearls attached to cloth, and they dont quite no thing to cover her twat when that babe opens her legs. Which this babe does often. Sally was wearing those knickers when the editor interviewed her. Or attempted to interview her. That woman chaser kept looking up her skirt, and Sally kept improving the watch by spreading her long pink flaps.

“I don’t like wearing briefs,” Sally told. “I adore showing off my cookie.”

This babe also likes showing off her big milk cans, which are at least F-cups (that babe doesn’t know; this babe usually doesn’t wear bras), and her long legs (she is five-foot-one but leggy) and her a-hole and her almost-completely-shaved muff. This babe always wears sexy, taut clothing and, if u hadn’t guessed, that babe loves to shag.

“I love being my hubby’s hawt wife,” this babe told. “I adore going out with my boyfriends and coming home and telling my partner what I did with them.”

She sucked and banged them, that is what this babe did with ’em.

Sally is from Indiana, but she’s now living in Florida. This babe is a swinger and has been one for Thirty years. She’s a nudist who almost not ever wears clothes around the house. That babe is a Mother of one and a grandmother of 3. And she loved mouthing off the 24-year-old fellow she’s with in this scene. Yeah, she’s 58, he is 24. Sally had no a predicament keeping up with him.

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