The deal isn’t sealed, but Rita’s holes are stuffed

The deal isn't sealed, but Rita's holes are stuffed

Rita Daniels is the boss, and this babe calls her star salesmen into her office. This babe is wearing a short skirt, and her larger than average zeppelins are straining her blouse, which is distracting sufficient. The males think they’re in trouble. Sales are down. That babe tells ’em they’re going to have to do a little tag-teaming.

“We’re fine at tag-teaming,” they say.

That babe asks them what this babe can do to boost their morale. Will it take a bonus? A free journey?

Rita’s milk cans, love tunnel and anus, perhaps?

Yes, that’ll do it. You see, the lads have been talking about screwing Rita’s 62-year-old a-hole. And Rita has been thinking about getting her 62-year-old butt screwed by her star salesmen. She desires ’em to work as a team? They can do that. They can jam her face hole with their knobs. One can bonk her cum-hole while the other feeds her his 10-Pounder. They can take turns screwing her arsehole. ‘cuz teamwork is all about sharing.

Motivated? Damn, right they’re motivated. Motivated to tag-team Rita’s booty. But sales? That is some other story.

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