Hang it straight. Stick it in her wazoo.

Hang it straight. Stick it in her butt.

The lesson of this movie scene is simple: If you’re a boyfriend with a hawt HORNY HOUSEWIFE for a wife, don’t leave your MILF alone in the abode with some other boy when she’s lewd.

When this movie scene opens, 56-year-old Raven from Idaho is making out with her spouse on the sofa. They’re interrupted by the picture hanger, who made the mistake of stepping on their expensive piano. The hubby’s voided urine, but he is suddenly called away on business, leaving Raven randy and vulnerable.

“Sorry, my husband’s a little bit of an anus,” she tells the picture hanger. “Do u need help dangling those paintings?”

She straightens the painting then this babe straightens his schlong. His dong goes str8 into her face hole then into her vagina then into her tight MILF arse. Lesson learned for Mr. Partner? Probably not. The picture hanger cums on Raven’s ass, and this petticoat chaser is still not back. Oh, well. This smooth operator can catch whatever this chab missed on YourWifeMyMeat.com.

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