Rachel Raxxx Rocks

Rachel Raxxx Rocks

“I’ve always liked being in front of a camera,” said super-sensation Rachel Raxxx. Rachel checks herself out in a white lace suit that clings to her adore plastic wrap, then takes her handsome body to the showers, bringing along an unconventional back-scratcher.

“I like taking pix. I like to be watched. I love attention. It appeared to be like a really good fit for me and my personality. And I suppose this is the almost any valuable place for me coz of my bazookas. I’ve had love melons since third grade.”

Did doing hardcore scenes for the first time at SCORE change Rachel in any way?

“Yes, it opened my eyes to the do’s and don’ts of the adult industry. It’s been a great eye-opener.”

When Rachel 1st appeared at SCORE, she was nervous which is natural for a newbie. Those feelings faded quickly. As this babe said, “This place is indeed authentic and accomplished. It blew my mind how real this place is. When I came in, everyone was super enchanting and good.”

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