Pink, damp and deep

Pink, luscious and deep

Veronika Vixon, who’s Fifty five and lives in Utah, describes her perfect day:

“I would adore to have coffee on a terrace overlooking the ocean or the bay, then go to the spa to acquire a deep tissue rubdown. I’ll sip on a cucumber lime water while appreciating a tomato, cheese avocado, sprouts sandwich and listening to soft, relaxing music.”

And her flawless evening: “Spend it with a miniature in number worthy friends, beginning out by sipping on a glass of Apothic Crush wine. Working up an appetite for a mouth-watering mixed baby greens salad and a delicious bowl of creamy soup. We would end the evening with a gentle stroll below the ambient light of the full moon. My topmost evening would end with me and my friend sitting by the fire discussing our next rendezvous.”

And banging? How about banging?

“That goes without saying,” she said.

But we wanted to hear her say it anyway.

This is the second time we’re devoting a full week to Veronika. She deserves it. Here’s the plan: solo pics today, solo movie scene the next day (in which Veronika receives her fingers deep inside her very luscious, very pink love tunnel and cums hard), hardcore pictures Wednesday, hardcore movie Thursday.

Veronika’s intend to shag a 22-year-old. How about that!

Veronika used to work at a legal bagnio in Nevada. She’s been a bank teller and a mortgage loan officer. She is been an executive receptionist. And this babe not long ago designed a home that that babe is having built in Arizona. She’s a woman of many talents. What you’re about to see is one of ’em.

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