Phoenix’s creamed bawdy cleft

Phoenix's creamed cunt

Phoenix is one of our most-popular grannies, and it’s elementary to watch why. This 64-year-old divorcee has a hot body, she dresses to shag and that babe devours wang. In this scene, Phoenix takes control of the situation, telling her gent exactly what that babe craves him to do. Certainly, that’s not too rigid cuz this babe urges him to do what he wants to do: shag her. And cum in her slit. Yeah, Phoenix wants a cock juice pie.

“It’s natural, right?” she told. “That’s where the man’s supposed to cum, in a girl’s love tunnel, right? It is solely in porn that boys usually don’t cum in the girl’s snatch.”

Love that use of the word “cunt,” Phoenix. And remember, guys: It is not ok to call a angel a “cunt,” but it’s ok to refer to her vagina as her “cunt,” although we suggest making sure she’s okay with it 1st. For sample, if this babe says, “Eat my cookie,” then it’s ok to refer to her fur pie as her cum-hole.

Just do not call it her “old, used aperture.” We have known a not many ladies who were okay with that, but solely a not many and solely in the heat of the pont of time.

In any case, what Phoenix says to the buck just in advance of this charmer cums is, “Oh, u love banging that love tunnel, don’t u? I can feel your pecker palpitating! Your balls are full! I urge you to discharge your load inside of me! I wanna feel your priceless, hawt cum inside of me!”

And that babe does.

“Do you adore what you watch?” Phoenix asks as cum leaks from her aged, used aperture.

Yes, we do.

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