Dude gets fucked by his lawyer

Man gets drilled by his lawyer

“I like fitness and being out side,” told 52-year-old wife Beth McKenna from Mississippi. “I live on a lake, so I paddleboard, kayak and swim, and then I run and bike for fitness. I likewise strength-train.”

No wonder she’s in such great shape. Beth is tall and curvy. In this scene, her second at 50PlusMILFs.com, that babe sucks and copulates a greater than typical, black knob.

Beth’s consummate evening: “My date picks me up for dinner, but we are so sexually excited that we have sexy sex against the wall in the foyer in advance of dinner. We then go to dinner and have a pleasant meal with wine and downy jazz and are experienced to savour the knowledge of what we just did. And then we go back to my place and sluggishly savour each other all night. I’m voracious, so I love marathon sex sessions.”

In this scene, Beth is a divorce lawyer. In real life, likewise, Beth is a lawyer. So you know the aged joke about getting screwed by your lawyer? Yeah!

“I adore people who are assertive without being bold, regardless of the gender of the person. I discover all sorts of things sexy: a glamourous body, a smile, music, anybody who smiles at me in just that way. And anybody who loves to kiss, somebody who makes eye contact with me.”

We’ll try, Beth. But with your body, we just can not make any guarantees.

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