Maggie Toys With U

Maggie Toys With You

Maggie Green looks very comfortable in anything she does. Maggie used to pay for her high-school spring break vacations by entering juicy T-shirt contests. Almost certainly she won ’em all.

“Everyone was adore, ‘Oh, was it unusual the first time you went topless?’ and ‘The first time you were exposed, were you nervous?'” Maggie remembered. “No! It was not unconventional at all, and I was not nervous. I felt comfortable.”

“I love rencounter new people and intend to new places. I love getting my hair and makeup done. It is quite marvelous. It’s quite a transformation from how I look normally, so it’s joy. It’s adore playing dress-up, I think.”

We do not know where Maggie got her female-dominator regalia but we do know where this babe buys her bras. That babe buys them at Fredericks of Hollywood, a priceless institution of breast-garment engineering.

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