Nutty For Plaid: Special From

Mad For Plaid: Specific From

Kelly Kay was 1st spotted by Linsey Dawn McKenzie.

“I always used to view models in magazines and papers and think I should give it a try,” Liverpool’s Kelly Kay told in an interview with The Sun newspaper.

Kelly is one of the very not many glamour models to pose with her Mom. This babe and her mum, Jane, always traveled jointly to the London studio.

“Mum would always come to shoots with me to make sure nothing sleazy went on. The photographer was always telling her what a great body that babe had, and one day, after months of persuasion, she acceded to pose with me.

This babe wasn’t nervous on the way to her first discharge. I had been doing topless modelling and making films for about six months but still wasn’t as relaxed as she was. It all appeared to be to come very naturally to her. I guess Mum has a great body and I thought it would boost her confidence. I was cheerful that babe was coming along as I knew we would have a snicker jointly.”

Mom Jane offered her thoughts about one-time bare modeling for The SCORE Group. She was Fourty six years aged at the time. Kelly was 18.

“I wanted to make sure the pictorial wasn’t pervy, and it wasn’t. Everybody was indeed wonderful, especially the photographer. This stud was very complimentary about my looks and figure and str8 away asked me if I’d be interested in joining in. At 1st, I thought there was no way I’d do it, but after a not many weeks of going along it all became normal. I guess I just got wrapped up in the whole thing. I was used to seeing Kelly pout at the digital camera and thought she looked great.”

A tiny in number years later, Kelly and Jane, fully dressed, appeared on the Brit TV game brandish Deal Or No Deal and won £50,000.

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