Luna Azul fucks herself

Luna Azul fucks herself

“A man has to do the footwork and seduce me mentally first,” 62-year-old Luna Azul said. “Once he does that, I’ll be his cock-worshiping slut.”

We’ve seen Luna worshiping a lot of cock at and

“Someone once asked me, ‘Luna, do you like young cock?’ And I responded by saying, ‘Does a bear shit in the woods?’ Of course I love young cock. A woman my age appreciates a young, hard cock. So of course I love young cock. And I want some. But I’m thinking, ‘What’s better than one young cock?’ How about two young cocks?”

She says age has been no barrier to her sex life.

“Our society is obsessed with youth. If only young people knew how much better life and sex get as you get older. I feel younger and more free now than I did when I was 30. I always felt that I was horny, but I wasn’t always the best at expressing it or acting how I really wanted to act. Now, nothing holds me back. If there’s something dirty that I want to say, I’ll say it with no shame.

“So go ahead, guys. Take out your cocks and jack off while looking at my big tits and tight, old cunt. Enjoy yourself. I did.”

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