Lorena knows what this babe urges

Lorena knows what that babe wants

Marvelous face, valuable juggs, firm booty. That’s Lorena Ponce, a 44-year-old divorcee who was born in Anaheim, California and lives in San Diego, California.

“Sexy, to me, comes from within,” Lorena told. “It’s the way a person carries themselves with confidence and pride. Hawt is a twinkle in the eyes, a nice-looking smile and the way somebody walks. A confident yet humble charmer isn’t afraid to ask for what this chab wants. I am usually assured sexually, but sometimes I just urge to be taken, and I need a ladies man who has the confidence to do that.”

In her first episode, Lorena not merely brandishes off her body. She kinda directs the shoot, likewise, telling the cameraman when to move in and when to move back. Is she the kind of bitch hotty who will direct a charmer in sofa, too?

“Maybe,” that babe told teasingly. “You could say I know what I wish, but I shouldn’t have to always ask for it.”

Yep, right. Slam the salami betwixt Lorena’s larger than average breasts. Screw her face hole. Slip your sausage inside her aged bawdy cleft. We betcha Lorena won’t tell you to move back.

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