Living Art

Living Art

This XL Beauties movie scene of Selena Castro will explain why men become artists. Do not fall for all that crap about art being “a discipline of modern society using the application of design and color theory in its reflections.” Huh? Guys become artists to acquire a lot of naked meatballs, cunts and booties in the studio. That is it. Know what we mean? And if they have the right approach, they get tons of slutty angels jumping their bones after the artwork is done for the day.

Here you’ll see Selena posing for the great artist Handsy. That babe receives so worked up that this babe needs to cum right then and there. We have observed this before. Posing gets a model’s hormones bubbling.

Selena told that babe masturbates in her shower–that’s the real reason they invented hand-held shower heads. That babe doesn’t wear a below garment when that babe goes to sleep, and that babe considers herself a girly girl.

“I dress girly,” says Selena. “I love pink and I always have to have pink on me. I like wearing hot garments and getting attention from every boy. I love being the kind of girl that u notice when you are driving past me or looking me over at the next table in a restaurant.”

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