Afternoon delight

Afternoon delight

Lin Boyde, a 65-year-old divorcee from Arizona, returns to discipline a younger sexy fellow with her throat and pussy and winds up with a bigger than typical load of cum all over her face. Lin is a well-sexed lady, and love most well-sexed women her age, she knows exactly what that babe is doing, exactly how to handle a dude who’s almost 40 years her junior. Ironically, in this scene, Lin is a boss who disciplines her employee, but in real life, Lin says she prefers “take-charge bucks who make romantic gestures.”

A cum facial…is that romantic?

“Sex doesn’t always need to be romantic,” Lin told. “I’m a swinger, and my charmer and I had sex in front of a crowd of people in a disrobe club. That was not romantic. That was hawt!”

There’s something very lewd and hawt and hungry about Lin. It is as if this babe can by no means receive sufficient. That babe doesn’t solely suck and fuck penis. This babe devours it.

“With the right petticoat chaser, I could have sex numerous times a day,” she told.

And for Lin, the right gent is elementary to discover. That skirt chaser has a inflexible cock.

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