Lillian’s anal surprise

Lillian's anal surprise

“This is the me that you’d watch only if I happened to pick you up at a disrobe club one night,” said 51-year-old Lillian Tesh, who was born in Detroit and now makes her home in Michigan. “The way I’m clothed is the way you might watch me dressed during the day, but you’d not at all suspect that I’d do something love this.”

By “this,” Lillian means sucking and rogering on-camera and surprising her partner with the butt plug she has in her marvelous little wazoo. By “this,” Lillian means getting ass-fucked and taking a sexy, thick load of cum all over her face.

“I think I have an aura about me,” Lillian told. “I’ve been not showered and in my workout pretty raiment or sweats and people have told to me that I’m truly hot, and I suppose part of it is my eyes and my smile and the way that I present myself.”

In this scene, Lillian presents herself as a very conservative lady. The eyeglasses. The pink sweater that’s wrapped daintily around her neck.

“I don’t normally do this,” that babe says as that babe rubs Tony’s crotch. Well, truly, that babe does. And, as you are about to watch, that babe does it very well.

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