Lexi Jiggles, Wiggles & Wriggles

Lexi Jiggles, Wiggles & Wriggles

Dancer Lexi Slade jiggles. Lexi wiggles. That babe wriggles, writhes and shakes. She twerks her gazoo in slow motion while wearing her taut Latex shorts with a zipper on the back. That babe twerks anew in her belt panties, likewise in slow motion. Lexi bounces her large titties in her bra and they fly with out her cups, once more in slow motion. Those billibongs are capped by big, prominent areolae. That babe has a flirtatious, hot voice.

Lexi’s outfit winds up on the floor after her grinding and gyrating. That babe lies back on soft pillows in a fuck-me position so she can rub out a cum, staring at you and sticking her fingers unfathomable into her pink.

“I was not the bustiest angel growing up because I was not the largest,” said Lexi who is a slim 5’3″. “I had the largest titties for my tiny frame.”

Lexi was encouraged by Korina Kova to connect with SCORE. She is into cosplay and that babe is also getting into ASMR vids, a kind of far-out relaxation movie in which the adult model whispers, smacks her lips and makes other low-key sounds that tingle the back of the neck and the spine.

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