Lana’s spa day Dual Penetration

Lana's spa day DP

Lana Vegas, who’s 41 years mature and is actually a classic MILF, goes for a rub-down. Turns out her neck is taut. Why is her masseur not wearing a shirt? Why ask why? If it’s ok with Lana, it’s okay by us. Why is Lana’s bra coming off and nearly exposing her mangos? One time more, why ask why? Why does Lana move his hands down to her titties? We do not need to ask why.

Meanwhile, in the mirror, we can watch a lad sat on a bench and jacking off. What kind of establishment is this? Before we know it, Lana is engulfing 2 weenies and getting her pierced snatch rogered by one knob during the time that this babe sucks the other, and then the lads are taking turns on her a-hole, and it looks as if Lana is loosening up quite nicely. Do they DOUBLE PENETRATION her? Certainly they do. Do they cum in her open throat? Yep!

As we told, Lana is a classic HORNY HOUSEWIFE. Blond. Great body. Bigger in size than average titties. Curvy. And sexy. She’s from Germany. This babe has blue eyes, in case you didn’t notice (we’re betting 99.99% of you did not). We asked her about her hobbies, and this babe said, “Traveling around the world and spa time.”

Yes, we wager it’s if her spa times are always like this!

She’s married. Lucky boy. That babe craves to have sex in a plane. All that babe has to do is ask. And this babe says this babe has sex at least five times a week.

Judging by this scene, five times could be with 10 lads. Or more.

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