Kelly Leigh’s anal fill-in

Kelly Leigh's anal fill-in

This scene brings up an interesting question: When a hottie says, “I miss you,” does that babe actually mean, “I miss your cock”? When this babe says, “I’m so disappointed,” does she actually mean, “I’m disappointed because I am not getting enough dick”? When Mom I’D LIKE TO FUCK sex star Kelly Leigh is talking on the phone to her supposed spouse and says, “I miss you,” she’s actually telling him that she’s wanton and needs his cock. And when that babe adds, “I’m so frustrated,” she is basically warning him that if that ladies man doesn’t come home in a hurry, she’s intend to let JMac screw her butt until this chap cums all over her.

Yeah, there are still many lessons to be learned from watching porn, and we learned one of ’em today. If your woman says, “I miss you,” acquire home fast. Especially if she’s into anal.

“I do not have time for shy,” Kelly said. “I only have time for sex. After I divorced my hubby, I got into porn, and now it seems like I spend each minute of my days cumming. If I am not getting screwed by some lady-killer on digi camera, I am playing with my dildos at home or eating out one more girl’s snatch. My life is one large, excellent orgy.”

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