Can Kelly get nine beads into her arsehole?

Can Kelly get nine beads into her dark-skinned hole?

The plot of this cock-hardening but suspenseful episode is that 40-year-old super-slut Kelly Leigh fills her ass with anal beads. When that babe realizes that solely five of the nine beads are in her ass, that babe tries to tuck in some more. Will this babe succeed? Or are five anal beads as much as this MILF’s butthole is capable of handling? The answer is revealed in this movie scene, and we’re not giving away the ending. But know this: We have seen Kelly’s ass accommodate a lot more than these five beads. Our money’s on her.

“It appears to be like all I ever do anymore is fuck,” Kelly told. “Getting a divorce was the foremost thing that ever happened to me.”

As you can tell from this clip, Kelly isn’t the least bit bashful.

“I don’t have time for timid. I merely have time for sex. After I divorced my spouse, I got into porn, and now it seems like I spend each minute of my days cumming. If I’m not getting screwed by some Lothario on camera, I am playing with my dildos at home or eating out some other girl’s cum-hole. My life is one large, magnificant fuckfest.”

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