Juliet copulates a 25-year-old

Juliet bonks a 25-year-old

In her 1st copulate film, 50-year-old HORNY HOUSEWIFE Juliet Miller screws the 25-year-old petticoat chaser she has hidden in her washroom. Her hubby is heading off on a business trip, and Juliet is plan to have some joy while he is away. When this babe says goodbye to him over the phone, that gent has no idea that Juliet is wearing see-through underware that covers just about no thing. That gent has no idea that Juliet is about to copulate some 25-year-old’s larger than run of the mill jock and gulp his load.

And what boyfriend doesn’t know can not hurt him, right?

Juliet’s perfect day: “It involves being outdoors in the sun at a pool, beach or lake, savouring the way the sun and water feel on my skin. It could be fishing, hiking, exploring new places, doing bare photography or finding a secret place to have sex. Evenings, I love to attend rock concerts or go dancing in skimpy garments, have dinner where me and my charmer can tanalise each other with food play or talk immodest across the table…unless we sit next to each other and can touch each other intimately.”

Juliet was born in Oklahoma and lives in St. Petersburg, Florida. When the weather is warm, which it’s almost all of the year, she wears stringy tank tops with no brassiere and yoga shorts with no knickers. If it’s cooler, that babe wears leggings and a top with no brassiere.

“No bra” appears to be to be a constant here.

This babe played softball and volleyball in high school. Now that babe plays with juvenile males.

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