The golden cutie who indeed does give a screw

The golden cutie who actually does give a fuck

When Jewel debuted in the December 2005 issue of Fourty something magazine, this babe just now became one of our almost any popular 50somethings ever, and now that she is 60something, this babe is one of our majority popular 60somethings ever.

Yep, Jewel is a great fuck. She knows what this babe is doing. But she’s delightsome, nice-looking, funny and sexy all at the same time. She’s from North Carolina, and that babe is the epitome of the old-fashioned Southern belle. But then her captivating clothes come off, and we commence to wonder, just how proper are these old-fashioned Southern belles after all?

Well, she screws properly. Isn’t that what counts?

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