Jessica violates the dress code, H.R. boy violates Jessica

Jessica violates the suit code, H.R. woman chaser violates Jessica

Jessica Sexton, Fifty three, is a small little piece of wazoo at just 98 pounds. She’s the kind of female-dom you could easily pick up, drop onto your wang and bounce up and down. Jessica bears a resemblance to the MILF-next-door, the kind of female u might see sizing up the cucumbers at the grocery story, but that babe is not your run of the mill Mother I’D LIKE TO FUCK. Not by a longshot.

She came to The SCORE Group with her daughter. The one and the other of ’em got nude, but merely Jessica drilled. During the time that her husband’s sat at home, Jessica is getting her taut love tunnel pounded by a colossal dark 10-Pounder.

“And loving it,” Jessica helpfully pointed out.

Here, Jessica has been called into the H.R. manager’s office at work. It seems Mr. Stone has been receiving complaints from Jessica’s co-workers about her inappropriate attire. Short skirts. See-through tops. Fuck-me pumps. No panties. U gotta figure Jessica’s jealous lady co-workers are the ones doing the complaining, but Mr. Stone has a job to do, and today, he’s terminating Jessica’s employment. In regular-person speak, that’s supposed to mean he’s firing her.

Well, Jessica isn’t plan to take this lying down. Indeed, she’s intend to take it lying down, but first this babe is gonna get down on her knees and engulf Mr. Stone’s bigger than average, darksome weenie, then she’s gonna fib on his desk and have him screw her hairless slit. Clearly, this isn’t appropriate behavior for an upper-management employee of a company, but would not you bonk Jessica if u had the chance?

We thought so. And the next time you are at work and watch one of your hot SEXY HOUSEWIFE co-workers going into the H.R. guy’s office, you’ll know what’s going on.

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