Jenna’s first time

Jenna's 1st time

Jenna Jayden is a belting blonde stripper muscled adore a brick shithouse. This babe is 5’9″ in her naked feet. Picture her on-stage wearing sky-high dancer heels and standing in front of u. An Amazon.

Jenna posed solely at SCORE and at not time made the rounds of the studios. I thought this babe would but she did not. That babe did this first appearance scene, went home and returned a month later for more discharges plus hardcore scenes. U can not at any time tell if a cutie will move into XXX. Likewise many things can enter play. A cock-blocking hubby or husband. A parent who objects. Or just a change of mind. Just coz Jenna is a lap dancer was no guarantee. I have know many dancers who didn’t want themselves out there, even in stripped magazine layouts.

“My milk shakes are also bigger in size than average for majority stores so I dictate my bras on-line,” Jenna told. “I’m a 38H. I adore showing off my bigger in size than standard mambos and my body. I am definitely a girl who feeds on attention. I wear very chest-revealing tops. I receive non-stop attention and I like each second of it. I’m gratified of my H-cups. I not ever wear a bra around the abode, but I will wear a sports brassiere to figure out or when I go for errands. When I go out, I wear halter tops, so I do not need a beneath garment.”

Jenna’s into the bombshell look and lives it to the hilt.

“I’m a feature entertainer in lap dancing clubs wearing thousand-dollar costumes and stage props. I dance and do pole work. I don’t have any perverted fetishes but I do love tattoos: tasteful ones, high heels and hawt raiment.”

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