Jenna’s yoga three-way

Jenna's yoga three-way

Tony and Carlos are urinated that their tutor sent them to yoga class.

“Next thing you know, we’ll be doing fucking ballet or something.”

“What’s up with tutor? Why are we here for yoga?”

But then their instructor reveals up. It is 51-year-old Jenna Covelli. Jenna has shown up for class in short, blue shorts and a cut-off tank top with no undergarment. Her areolas are hard. Her pussy is palpitating. This babe stretches and unveils off her incredible flexibility. This babe gets her legs all the way back and spread. This is a yoga pose? Has the appearance of a “fuck-me” pose. But despite Jenna’s obvious MILFosity, the men are so anti-yoga that they refuse to receive with the program. Jenna has a solution.

“We have to be more in-tune with our yoga,” she says, “and in instruct to do that, we acquire to totally disclose ourselves.”

That babe indeed means “reveal.” She takes off her shirt.

“You have to pursue,” she says. She takes off her shorts. “Let’s unveil our skin so we can get more oxygen,” this babe says. They take their shorts off. Jenna notices that, if not oxygen, blood is rushing to their knobs. This yoga class is about to become very gripping. Jenna bends over to demonstrate downward dog. Carlos slips his cock into her pussy. Tony slips his dick into her mouth. Namaste.

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