I Drink It All I Drink It All
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Wow! Me and all the boys here are working so hard to get u some great updates, and I suppose you’ll love this week’s update as much as I did! Oh! What am I thinking? HI BOYS AND CUTIES! Welcome to My World! Hey, guess what? I got a fresh laptop! That’s right! A silly small-dicked white boi fan got me one, so now I can read all my e-mails anywhere I go! That includes intend to work! Hee hee! ANYways, this day I do some shout-outs, and read some e-mails (one as well as the other fan mail and detest mail) and then Broc Adams, a fresh negro in city, slams his 9 inch darksome cock in my mouth, and in my cookie, and this chap does that a lot previous to this woman chaser pops a stupendous load into my eye and into my mouth. And I swallow. I’m not very precious at swallowing, but somehow I get a feeling I’ll be doing more and more of it in the future. Bad for me, precious for all u pervy pervs out there who love to observe me gag. ; – )…. XOXOXOXOXOX Spring
I Swallow It All I Gulp It All
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