Heavenly Milk cans

Heavenly Hooters

Beauty Gee (Boob Science on DVD) is a goddess who loves, respects and adores larger than run of the mill scoops just as much as a gent does. That is the kind of hotty u want, the kind of cutie we desire. Gal loves lads and that babe likes girls but says this babe has no current steady boyfriend.

At home, Cutie, a stripper by profession, plays with her love muffins and pierced slit a lot. “I have plenty of toys at home. I’m a toy fanatic. I must masturbate each single day. I am indeed into it. I own many different sextoys. I have got the Dolphin and other models. Of course, they’re all baby-pink, my prefered color. My much loved is a CyberSkin vibrating dick…it’s got a remote control and balls on it. It is actually hawt. I have mirrors in my bedroom and I love to view myself in the mirror when I masturbate…or have sex.”

Angel has forward-thrust hooters and that babe takes plenty of pride in them.

“I always go braless. If I go out, and I have on a style of shirt where I must wear a brassiere, I do, but other than that, if I wear a reservoir top or smth, I do not wear a beneath garment ‘coz they stay up on their own. And then my piercings display through whatsoever I am wearing. I love that! It receives plenty of attention.”

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