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“A Lothario friend of mine said me about XL Gals and said I was glamorous enough to be in it and was pumped up perfectly for it,” told 40G-cupper Veronica Vaughn. This scene has been upgraded to HD.

“I not at any time would have sent my images in or would have thought I was worthwhile sufficient for it. So this chab sent in some pics without me knowing and then told me about a week later that this chab had done it. I actually was ok with it. This chab knew I would not be freaked out by it. I’m gorgeous open but I just didn’t think I would ever be selected for the mag, so I did not send the images in myself.

“I knew there were magazines that had all-natural girls–without boob jobs–but I didn’t know there were magazines and sites for thicker beauties like me. I had watched Voluptuous in advance of, but didn’t know about XL Girls.”

Veronica also talked her school days. “I wasn’t a bad angel in high school. People just have the perception that a big breasted beauty need to be a floozy or something. Not true for me. I’d brandish some deep cleavage almost all of the time, but I didn’t costume also concupiscent. A pair of times teachers complained but it was more for wearing short skirts than for showing too much of my whoppers. It was the female teachers who would acquire made water off.

“There was merely one male teacher who ever complained, and I am sure that ladies man was homosexual. As far as wearing low-cut blouses, I’d get through the complete day, but then there was one lady teacher who would complain. No one else would say anything all day lengthy and then this babe would. The shop teacher did not mind at all. I would be working on a project or taking a test and bending over and I would look up and that chap would have this larger than typical grin on his face whilst he stared down my shirt. I knew what I was doing.”

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