Daisy Lou’s first on-camera copulate

Daisy Lou's first on-camera fuck

Daisy Lou told us that she found out about us when that babe drove by our studio in Miami.

“I just knew there’d be some worthwhile, hawt act in there,” this babe told.

How did this babe know? Hey, some people just have an eye and a nose for sex. Daisy Lou, a 52-year-old waitress from Maryland whose life revolves around sex, knew what that babe was seeing, and a scarcely any days later, she rung us up and sent us her test shots.

“I’ve fucked just about anywhere a person can shag but at not time on digital camera,” Daisy Lou said. “I’ve thought about it for a lengthy time, and I not ever thought I’d receive the chance.”

But now…voila! She is getting banged by a man half her age. Mouthing his jock for a nice, long-time, also. And practically burying her face in his crotch when this guy shoots his man cream, panting adore a bitch in heat for more cum, then fondelling it into her face.

Daisy Lou. Cum doxy. Congratulations.

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