Cristy’s fantasy cums true

Cristy's fantasy cums true

Bored housewives…aren’t they the majority admirable? Cristy Lynn, Fourty three, from Florida,is sitting at home, talking on the phone, wearing just a bra and belts cuz the kids are away at camp and her boy is working late. She’s doing her nails, and this babe tells whomever this babe is talking to on the phone that this babe is restless. This babe needs some excitement in her life. And then that babe hears a knock on the door. Is excitement knocking?

Well, to almost all people, some stud going door-to-door selling vacation packages is thrilling. But when he says “vacation package,” Cristy Lynn is thinking about his package, the one in his pants, and when this chab says that the name of the company is “Fantasies Come True,” she is thinking, “Fantasies Cum True.”

You studs all know how this one’s gonna turn out: with the dude’s jock in Cristy Lynn’s throat, then in her cunt. And with his ball cream all over her cunt and asshole. Yep, sometimes, dreams do come, and cum, true.

Have we mentioned that in real life, Cristy Lynn is a librarian?

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