Cristy acquires a facial

Cristy gets a facial

In this episode, we see what happens when you are a guy who’s lucky enough to rencounter a hawt wife with a generous boyfriend. The partner likes the idea that his wife is getting young cock. And the wife is hardly a floozy or a tramp. She’s just doing what hawt wives will do when they’re given a little bit of freedom.

So, Cristy Lynn, who is 43 and from Florida, suggests Juan a cold beer, then that babe suggests him her sexy clutch, then she offers him her rectal hole, too. And what does Juan offer Cristy? A facial, that is what. No, not the kind of facial this babe might click this link one of these mall looker salons. A cum facial. We don’t think they serve up those in the mall, although when babes like Cristy are around, they might. After all, this is a woman who listed her hobby as “curling up in couch with my rabbit sex-toy.” Hey, Cristy, does that little baby go up your gazoo, also?

“What do u think?” Cristy said.

And then, as an answer, that babe widen her rectal hole wide.

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