Jism Filling

Cream Filling

Sienna Hills takes a mustache ride here courtesy of Mr. Largo. New experiences with men turn Sienna on. Mr. Largo strokes and licks her nipples, penetrating her cookie with his fingers as a pre-fuck warm-up.

“Lemme get a taste of that,” says Sienna, stroking his meat-thermometer. Her mouth is already watering for the taste of the man-steak. Engulfing and wrapping her enormous, large jugs around it, Sienna savors the feel in her throat and on her breast-flesh. As soon as the fucking started, we could hear her screams throughout the door as that dude pounded her. It is plan to be a jizz pie for Sienna’s dessert.

“I like sex and feel love it is a necessary part of being a domina,” Sienna said. “I’ve at no time been any other way, so I do not know if my sex drive is high or ordinary or whatsoever. It just is what it’s and I need sex very often.”

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