Casca Akashova: Swimsuit & Baby oil At Pool side

Casca Akashova: Bikini & Greasy oil At Poolside

Casca Akashova starts her preeminent sunny Florida scene wearing a bathing dress at swimming pool side. She sheds her bathing costume to completely soak her body in greasy oil.

Casca’s comfortable on-camera and has a hot, soft-spoken style, a teasing and pleasant charisma. That babe has the moves of somebody with modeling experience.

“Sometimes I’m aware of somebody paying attention to my meatballs, but whether or not I am, I just carry on normally. I’m nice with attention unless it’s offensive. Sometimes I suit to emphasize them and other times, not. It depends on the situation, where I am and if I’m with someone.

“I do not always wear a bra. I usually wear something comfortable but cute when I do. Comfort is key. The material is essential. It has to feel valuable on my skin.”

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