Cadms678n’s 1st time, definitely not her last time

Cadms678n's first time, definitely not her final time

A month in advance of this scene, Cadms678n Khols, a 55-year-old flight attendant from Florida, strolled into our studio, nervous as can be, for her 1st adept naked pictorial. She was here to discharge a solo photo discharge, something we usually don’t do with MOTHERS I’D LIKE TO FUCK ‘coz we crave ’em to screw. But with Cadms678n, we figured, “She’s local. She’s here. And this babe is very hot. Maybe, she’ll have fun the experience of exposed modeling so much, she’ll wanna do a hardcore scene.” We took a gamble.

And just to improve our chances, we asked Juan Largo, one of our guys, to drop by and have lunch with Cadms678n. Talk her up. Entice her. Maybe see if she’d like to come back and do a hardcore scene.

Well, wouldn’t u know it, a diminutive in number weeks later, Cadms678n was back in our studio, having sex on digital camera for the first time, doing smth her friends and family would not ever expect her to do.

“Most people who know me think I’m the all-American hotty,” that babe told. “Growing up, I always had straight-As in school. I always did everything I was supposed to do. I followed the rules to a T. I at not time caused a predicament. I am just a ripe, easy-going person who’s facile to overlook. To tell you the truth, one of the reasons I wanted to do this is I felt the must break the mold a little bit and do smth for me that is a little bit potty.”

Almost any hotties would break the mold by buying a very short skirt. Maybe skydiving. Cadms678n? She’s here, proving that some gambles are worth taking.

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