Boob Science Remastered: Mandy Is Created

Boob Science Remastered: Mandy Is Created

Dexter and Sheldon are 2 strike-out kings when they try to score with hot beauties. One day, when they’re watching a movie scene, Dexter decides he knows what to do to solve this problem.

“Create my own hotty,” Dexter says. “Science can make it happen. Human beings are matter. Matter is energy solidified. Direct the right kind of pure energy into your own template and it would take the form of whoever you wanted. Theoretically.”

“You’re mad, Sheldon retorts. “Let’s just go to a club. Or we could telephone a couple of hookers and get our nuts busted. The folks are without city.”

“No, it can be done. I guess so. Just aid me out with this.”

Cut to much later.

The room filled with electrical and COMPUTER equipment. Laser lights and sparks fill the room. Dexter and Sheldon are in lab coats and eye-wear fiddling with buttons. The dudes crouch over a table with a doll dressed in the outfit Mandy will appear in. The lads have bras on their heads. Electrical energy betwixt electrodes spark over the doll. 2 bolts of energy coming from the doll hit the boys and they fall back. They get up and watch in the smoky doorway, a shadowy figure. The doll is gone. In its place is Mandy (Daphne Rosen) dressed adore the doll.

“Now that you have brought me here, what are we gonna do now?” Mandy asks.

She’s alive!

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