Boob Vigour To The Nth degree

Boob Force To The Nth degree

The power of Maserati lies in her tidal wave of breasts. This scene is another sample of Maserati’s super-sexy, super-body powers. When Maserati leans back on the bed and moves her enormous pointer sisters from side-to-side at the ten-minute mark of this clip, they undulate with a wave-like motion. This is an pretty sight. No one’s hands could cover ’em absolutely.

Are Maserati’s scoops still growing? Every time we watch her at SCORELAND, it bears a resemblance to they are. And the rest of Maserati’s bod is just as unbelievable. She has great legs, a buxom butt, a charming face and a hot voice that could melt metallic, as this movie scene proves.

When it comes to dating and relationships, Maserati goes for dudes who are not in porn. “I adore regular boys, not lads who work in the adult industry. But I love most of all bucks who crave me for myself, not Maserati the porn star.”

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